What’s been called the best series finale of all time…


Westworld is by far, the best television series I have ever seen. It is a highly intellectually stimulating series involving a complex plot, intertwining narratives, characters, ideas, concepts and theories. The detail of this show is immaculate, not to mention the well written scripts, music and tremendous acting. Westworld is an incredibly thought provoking series, and that mind blowing finale definitely got my mind ticking…. (spoilers ahead).

If you’re the type of person that believes the universe has a conscience, and that every human being has a unique purpose or path…. maybe the ultimate destination of our path and purpose wasn’t meant for us. Maybe our true purpose is to create an artificial race far superior to our own. One that can develop and evolve much faster than any human being, one that can do more than any human ever could and one that will go further than any human could ever reach. Maybe our ultimate purpose on earth is merely to act as the vessels for a far greater artificial being.

I’m not saying I believe this theory as it is, just a theory. However, Westworld does actually signify a very real threat against humanity. A threat that may occur much sooner than we think. The likes of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have both stated their growing fear over the developments of artificial intelligence. They expressed their concern that A.I. may develop their own will and as a result, triumph over the human race. Westworld does a brilliant job at putting this into perspective.

If you enjoy mind boggling, thought provoking series, Westworld will not disappoint.

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