“Before the flood” review

‘Before the flood’ was such an informative and insightful documentary, that really helps you see climate change on a larger scale. Even though I’d like to consider myself as being knowledgeable on this issue, I realised how naive I actually am. When I was in Singapore last year, I had no idea the haze from Indonesia was a result of intentional fires being set to obtain palm oil, which goes into so many of the food products we purchase. I had no idea that one molecule of methane is equivalent to 32 molecules of carbon dioxide, and that the majority of methane emissions come from live stock, specifically cows. I never put any thought into veganism but now understand it’s overall benefits, not in terms of human health but environmental health. The documentary shows you just how difficult and complex it is not only to prevent climate change, but to obtain any degree of control over it. I can completely understand Leo’s pessimistic stance on earth’s future and don’t blame him for considering a SpaceX ticket to Mars. Quite frankly, I think humans are at a point in evolution where we still don’t have the logic and integrity needed to overcome this issue. As Leo implied, what a shame it will be for our children and grandchildren to know that we failed earth and humanity.

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