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If you’re feeling down about the place of life you are in, disappointed in the decisions that have led you down the wrong route, stuck in what seems like a never ending rut… Here’s a little motivation that I hope will lift you up. I’ve had quite a few views on the blog now, so if I can possibly influence just one person in a positive way and open up their mind to a couple of new and optimistic perspectives on life… that would be pretty awesome.

I went through several years of my life, feeling like I had gone down the wrong career path, wasted my potential, and therefore had failed at life. Then finally one day, I had somewhat of an epiphany, I started having moments of realisation regarding the way I looked at life. These newfound perspectives really helped motivate me to change my life for the better, both perspectives having the importance of ‘decision making’ as the common denominator. There are two ways that I currently look at life:

  • One relates to Stephen Hawking’s theory on parallel universes. I know what you are thinking…“what the heck is this girl on about?”. Just let me explain… Stephen Hawking has this theory that there are an infinite number of parallel universes, with an infinite number of possibilities, an infinite number of different versions of ourselves. Any decision that you could have made in this universe, you make in another parallel universe. On my darkest days working as a teacher, I would sometimes think about this theory. I would tell myself “I guess I just got placed in a universe where I made the wrong career decisions, took on a job that’s not right for me and live a miserable life. Maybe there’s another version of myself in a parallel universe that made better decisions, one where I’m doing a job that I enjoy and live a much better life. Maybe I’m happy somewhere else”. Then one day I realised; my place in life isn’t necessarily fixed or predestined. I have the capability of changing my life for the better, so why don’t I do that. If there are an infinite number of parallel universes, I don’t want to be in one where I am unsatisfied with my life. I want to be in a universe where I am happy and fulfilled, so I need to make the right decisions that will lead to that. It was Hawking’s theory that helped influence my decision to leave the teaching profession, go back to University and start again. While it’s not an ideal situation going back to University at 25, I realise now that it is the best decision I could have made and I feel so much more positive about life and where it is heading. So if you are someone that’s unhappy with their current life path, but have the ability to change it, do it! Make your life in this universe one worth living.
  • I also have the view that life is a script. Your life is a script, with the decisions that you make defining the narrative of your story line. As with the previous perspective, decision making is crucial in determining your tale. While everyone is different when it comes to decision making, I’ve learned that being rational, logical, and a bit of a realist help me make the best decisions. I used to have very romanticised views on a lot of things, but now I like to be well informed, and aware of all of the pros and cons when making a decision. I have also learned the importance of trusting your intuition, that gut feeling that you get. If something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. So, if you are stuck in a depressed rut, just picture your life as a script. Don’t allow your story line to be one of misery, make the right decisions that will result in a great story for yourself, one that you would be proud to tell when you are older. And even if your life script is looking rather bleak, just realise you have the potential to change that. You are constantly writing your life story with every decision that you make, so start making choices that will change your life for the better.

If you are someone that feels as though they have made poor decisions and made mistakes, I think it’s important not to dwell on this. Personally, I don’t believe in ‘mistakes’ anymore. I view mistakes as experiences. Not to mention, its the risks and the mistakes we make that make our lives unique. If you constantly live your life by rules, then how is your life distinct in any way. Don’t be dragged down by past decisions that have lead you down the wrong route, these experiences actually enable you truly learn about yourself and grow as a person, and you then have the ability to make better decisions moving forward.

I know my perspectives are a little out there and nerdy (pretty much sums me up as a person), but if you are feeling unhappy with your life and unmotivated to change it, I hope these perspectives offer some sort of enlightenment and encouragement. Just remember that your life isn’t predetermined; you always have the ability to make decisions that can change your life for the better, and make it a darn good one.

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