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It’s been a while since I have posted on this blog, and after some thinking, I’ve decided not to continue with it. I created this blog when I was 25, I had just walked away from a short-lived career in teaching and was in limbo. I was living on my own in Brisbane and had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I wasn’t in the best head-space when I created this blog – I was angry at the world because my life hadn’t panned out the way I had expected it to, and this negative mindset stayed with me for another year after. Despite finally finding the right career path, it took me a while to snap out of the previous mindset I was in. A couple of months ago I read through this blog, and realised that I can no longer relate to many of my posts – my perspectives have changed so much! There are even several posts where I just have no bloody idea what I was on about (i.e. please see redshift vs blueshift post). I thought for my final post I would look back on some previous ones and briefly talk about where I stand now.

Method of loci/memory palace – one of the posts I’m most proud of, not to mention, one of the best learning techniques I have ever come across. This method has helped me tremendously with my studies. And it is a technique I will continue to use for the rest of my life. Some people will spend hours upon hours re-writing their notes, making them look pretty. Maybe that works for them. But what I have learned, is that you only need one set of information – it’s how you actually process that information that really matters.

The future of humanity and the earth – let’s be honest, this blog post was quite a depressing read. While I have always been, and will always be interested in topics such as climate change, ocean acidification, plastic pollution etc, what I have come to realise, is that sometimes it’s best to steer away from these topics. Even though these issues are incredibly important, many people interpret them as being negative, scary even. Negativity only attracts negativity. So I’ve sort of distanced myself from these subject areas. I don’t think purposely making yourself ‘unaware’ of these issues is the smartest thing to do, in fact I think its incredibly counter-productive, but on a personal and social level, I have found it to be more beneficial.

Life after teaching – going into teaching was one of the worst mistakes I have ever made in my life. Leaving the field, and changing careers, even though that meant starting from scratch again – totally worth it. I have not one regret in that decision. I am now half way through my degree in oral health (dental hygiene/oral health therapy), and all I can say, is that it makes the world of the difference when you’re career is better suited to you as a person. If you are a teacher and feel as though you are too introverted for the profession, that you want something more intellectually fulfilling (science oriented even), a job where you can work more on your own, and have primarily have one on one interaction – I would recommend working in dental as a career. I can’t speak for or recommend any other career paths, because I believe you need to actually walk in another person’s shoes to fully understand what their career experience entails. But from my experience so far, this new career fits me to a tea!

Childfree – by the end of my teaching career, I was so burned out, I decided that I never, ever wanted to have children in future. And the decision of whether to have kids or not, is something that has played out in my mind many times over the past few years. Now that some time has past, my mentality on this has again changed – and I currently feel completely ambivalent about this topic. Ideally, yes maybe I am leaning more towards the idea of having a family in future, but for the most part, it is something I am ambivalent about. And to be honest, having an ambivalent mindset on this topic, really helps to take a lot of pressure off. Life is too short to dwell on what your life ‘could’ have been. Whichever path my life takes, I will try to make the most of!

Well that’s all folks – it’s been fun writing this blog; a great place to organise your thoughts, get your ideas down and share them with other’s. It’s also been really interesting looking back and seeing just how much some of your perspectives can change in such a short space of time. Apologies, I know this blog isn’t as well written! But just wanted to give a quick final update.


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